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Since the beginning, a lesson of behavior

34 years ago, a path of great conquests started. Brazilian company Gnatus started its production of dental devices, structured with the highest quality and technology.

Already in the first year, we launched the Articulador (Articulator) 8600LN. Further innovations, such as the first water unit and the first chair, appeared in the beginning of the 80s.

Shortly after that, came the Gnatus M1 dental offices, which marked in definitive the company’s presence in the dental market.

Due to the vast demand for our products, we started our expansion. In 1993, we completed the construction of our modern manufacturing plant, in the city of Ribeirao Preto, countryside of the State of Sao Paulo, occupying 130,00 m2.

Currently, we are seen as one of the highlights of the dental market. Every year we innovate in technology, investing in the R&D of products that are renowned worldwide. An example of outstanding management, transparency and commitment.

Above all, quality

Besides all the technology of its products, currently Gnatus is the company in the Brazilian dental market with the highest number of certifications, aiming at meeting the needs and demands of its clients.

All o four processes, products, services and quality system are compliant with the strictest national and international standards. These certifications, apart from ensuring the products’ quality, meet the worldwide norms and legislations.


A global enterprise

We export our products to more than 130 countries.

Our structure provides large scale production, is fully prepared to distribute the products with agility and security.

Through resellers, representatives, distributors and branches strategically distributed, Gnatus makes teams available to offer services with high quality standards.

Адрес: Rodovia Abräo Assed Km 53 + 450m - Ribeiräo Preto (SP) - Brazil - Cep 14097-500
Тел.:55-16-3965 9000
Факс:55-16-3965 9006
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