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Медикус в соцсетях


In 1956 The Darou Pakhsh Company, as the most experienced domestic pharmaceutical company,  was established under the title of the charity institution of Darou Pakhsh affiliated to Social Service Organization with the collaboration of the British Pharmaceutical Company called Allen & Hanburys. The company`s initial objective was providing medicinal needs for 5 hospitals and 255 clinics all over the country. Designing the company and its technical knowledge transfer was accomplished by the British experts & its execution was performed by a domestic contractor company. In 1961, five pharmacists were dispatched to England to get the essential trainings in production & control fields in Glaxo & A&H Company. In 1962 this group, along with the British experts, came to Iran & began erecting the machinery, recruiting some people and training them & eventually producing some medicines. In the summer 1963 the Darou Pakhsh Company with an area of 191,650 square meters, was inaugurated officially.
During the past years the Darou Pakhsh Company has been producing over 300 types of different medicines under the license of some reputed American & European companies such as Schering & MSD, but in 1979 it turned to be directly supervised by The Ministry of Health & Medication. In 1992 the shares of the company were bought by The Social Security Organization. In 1998 the factory was detachted from The Darou Pakhsh Company (public limited company) under the title of The Darou Pakhsh Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company (private joint-stock company) and it kept on its activity. It’s remarkable that The Darou Pakhsh Pharmaceutical Mfg. Co. was registered as a private joint-stock company

in The Tehran Company Registration and Industry Ownership Department in April 12th.1992. In October 18th.2000 this company turned to public limited company and in October 9th.2002 it was admitted in The Tehran Stock Exchange.

Местонахождение: Россия
Город: Москва
Адрес: 117292 Москва, Дм. Ульянова ул. 16/2, оф. 69

Darou Pakhsh Pharmaceutical Mfg Co. / Darou Pakhsh St. / Km 18 Tehran-Karaj highway / Tehran/Iran
Тел.:(095) 124-02-12
44986815 - 44986816
Факс:(095) 937-52-07
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