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Bode Chemie

For more than 75 years BODE CHEMIE has made its primary concern the battle against pathogenic micro-organisms in order to protect human life and industry. In 1983 BODE CHEMIE became an associate company of Beiersdorf AG, which acquired a 75% share of BODE CHEMIE. Our brand names Sterillium®, Cutasept® and Bodoxin® are used around the world in hospitals, medical practices, private households and industry, making us one of the world's most successful manufacturers of disinfectants and technical preservatives. Today, BODE CHEMIE products are on sale in over 40 countries in cooperation with our international sales partners. When in 1965 BODE CHEMIE introduced Sterillium®, the first alcoholic rub in hand disinfectant, it revolutionised protection against infection. Today Sterillium® is the European market leader amongst alcoholic hand disinfectants. In addition to our top-quality hygiene and preservation products, we also offer a range of effective skin care products providing protection both at the workplace and during leisure activities. All our products are developed in close cooperation with the users and guarantee a high degree of efficacy.

Адрес: BODE CHEMIE HAMBURG Melanchthonstraße 27 22525 Hamburg Germany
Тел.:+49 (40) 5 40 06 -0
Факс:+49 (40) 5 40 06 -200
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