Сегодня 26 сентября 2020
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LymphaVISION A new era of lymphatic DRAINAGE…

Производитель: PHYSIOMED Elektromedizin AG (Germany)
Страна: Германия

LymphaVISION is an entirely new therapy system improving the lymphatic drainage and venous reflow. It was created for the purpose of looking for, achieving and maintaining the stability of the internal components and dynamic equilibrium (homeostasis) of a body part or the body as a whole, as a primary objective of treatment.
The LymphaVision currents reproduce the sympathetic nervous system message sent to the smooth muscles located beween the applied electrodes, therfore activating the system´s natural peristalsis. At the same time the stimulation of the striated muscles allows for a mechanical pumping action by these muscles. This double effect significantly activates the venous and lymphatic reflow and thus enhances: Interstitial Drainage
Venous and lymphatic return
Edema and haematoma reduction
Muscular relaxation and decongestion
Prevention of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism following surgery.
The unit provides two different therapy programs:
Lymphatic stimulation, which has a more intense effect. It is applied in most cases
Lymphatic prevention, which is a more gentle treatment used in cases of severe pain, in first sessions of edema treatment and if recent lesions of the arterial, venous and lymphatic systems are involved.
A card (Lymphacard) ensures a personalized planning and execution of therapy. It gives access to a therapy session and memorizes previous treatment parameters.
In the electrode placement menu images may be called which depict where to attach the electrodes in various body regions.
Numerous users in high performance sport – e.g. the therapists of ATP-Tour Europe and the AC Milan – and physiotherapists/ physicians from other medical fields alike confirm theefficiency of LymphaVISION on a daoly basis.
Main fields of application:
Sports-) Physiotherapy
Sugery (pre-/ post-)Traumatology
Obstetrics (after birth)