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FARAN Laboratories s.a.

In the 21st century the need for enhancing the quality of services and products is much more intense and obvious than ever.
Especially when a high technological sector, with a huge amount of investments, is involved –like the pharmaceutical industry- things are much more demanding.

Keeping up with the high standards of this era, Faran Laboratories S.A. -with 50 years of market presence- is in a fast process of updating all procedures with the goal to become fully competitive and to respond with success in the continuously increasing demands of the Greek and European market.

Since 2008, Faran constitutes member of the Pharmaceutical Sector of ANGELINI Group, an Italian International Company. The experience and the know-how gained through this merge is really valuable, since it allows Faran to set even higher goals

In April 2012 the company changed its trade name to Angelini Pharma Hellas S.A.
In the context of Faran’ s successful history, we continue with fresh impetus to establish our position in the Greek market and to become a full member of the Italian International Angelini Group.

Mission: Health and Well-Being 
The Angelini Group is leader in the pharmacy sales market. 
We are close to every individual and family, dedicating our expertise and know-how to satisfying their daily and well-being needs, through the realization and commercialization of safe and effective products.

The profound professional knowledge of international markets by Group Angelini, guarantees our Company’s success in the Greek market both in the field of ethical drugs as well as OTC.

THERAPEUTIC AREA Products Comments
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Musculoskeletal Hyalart® Intra-articular injections of Hyaluronic Acid for the treatment of  Osteorarthritis
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  Verboril® Inhibition of Interleukin-1, for the treatment of Osteoarthritis
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  Viatril® Glucosamine Sulfate for the treatment of Osteoarthritis
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  Osaston® Alendronate for the treatment of Osteoporosis
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Gynecology Altermon® / Merional® Human Gonadotropins for Assisted Reproduction Techniques
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  Utrogestan® Natural Progesterone
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Antibiotics Prixina® Fluoroquinolone for the treatment of urinary tract and respiratory infections
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  Lormyx® Antibiotic for the gastrointestinal system
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Gastroenterology Asacol® For the treatment of mild to moderate ulcerative colitis
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Gastroenterology (Diagnosis) Helicobacter Test for the diagnosis of H.Pylori infection
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Gastroenterology / Pathology Somastin Natural hormone (somatostatin) for the treatment of upper gastrointestinal bleeding
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Immunology / Dermatology Betatape® Topical corticosteroid patch
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  Imunofar® Cyclosporine / immunomodulatory
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General Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery

Thromboparin® Low Molecular Weight Heparin for the prevention and treatment of thromboembolic events
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Endocrinology Thyro-4® Thyrormone replacement therapy.
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Адрес: Achaias & Trizinias str. 145 64, N. Kifissia Athens - Greece
Тел.:+30 210 6269200
Факс:+30 210 8071688
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