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Медикус в соцсетях

Drendel + Zweiling

The pioneer in preparation technique The company was founded in Berlin on August 1, 1920 by Wilhelm Hugo Drendel and Fritz Zweiling. During the first years, Drendel+Zweiling focused on the production and distribution of special dental instruments. However, soon afterwards the research for the production of diamond instruments started. In 1932, the constant efforts for improve- ments were crowned with success – the galvanic coating process was invented. Drendel+Zweiling became the pioneer in the production of advanced dental diamond instruments. Further milestones in the development of dentistry:

  • Imperator System
  • FG programme INTERNATIONAL Drendel+Zweiling has always been customer oriented and therefore constantly extended their range for the dental office and laboratory.

Today the delivery range includes the following products:

  • diamond instruments and tools
  • tungsten carbide burs
  • finishing instruments
  • surgical instruments
  • ceramic abrasives
  • polishers
  • instrument kits
  • diamond-coated forceps
Адрес: Drendel + Zweiling DIAMANT GmbH Goerzallee 307 D-14167 Berlin
Тел.:+49- 30/8 47 29 60
Факс:+49- 30/8 17 40 87
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