Сегодня 24 сентября 2020
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FastSystem GF450 Expanded General Retractor System

Страна: США

FEATURES: The most stable table rail mount available
Omni-Tract’s adjustable wishbone system for body wall and deep retraction
Easy-to-use one-piece components
More than 200 blade patterns available
BENEFITS: Confidence: You can rely on unfailing exposure with Omni-Tract’s specially designed retractor systems.
Adjustability: A wide range of independent arm adjustments allows you to use the retractor for many types of procedures. Adjust the retractor system to fit your surgical technique and patient size.
Efficiency: Omni-Tract’s streamlined one-piece framing and clamping components allow you to spend less time with setup and instrument counts.
IDEALLY SUITED FOR: Gastric Resection
Exploratory Laparotomy
Open Cholecystectomy
Gastric Bypass